Instyleleather.Com: Return And Exchange Policy is a dedicated and loyal organization, offering the clients with high quality, state-of-the-art and impeccable merchandises like leather coats and blazers. And all the merchandises are thoroughly examined before they are delivered to the client. The product is not delivered if it does not pass through the quality analysts sector. But some times, issues arise like damage to the product. This could befall while shipment to the client or if there is any apprehension regarding the size, fit, or may be design, of the merchandise. We do not believe in making deceitful pledges. We have verbalized and simplified our return and exchange strategy, all the details a consumer needs to know before buying.

Email us in case the size and style of the merchandise you ordered is not in accordance to your anticipation. Just take a picture in high resolution of the particular area if it is not customized as you specified while ordering. Or if you wish for any alterations after the merchandise has been delivered then again email us with your specifications and send it to us in the shortest time possible.

In order to avail the free return and exchange the merchandise should be in the original packing and the tags should not be removed. If the issue is due to the client’s fault then it will not be deputized cost free. Alterations to the merchandise can be provided in such a case but not a replaced new piece.

The money that has been utilized in the shipment will not be refunded. In addition it is preferred if you use the same courier service to return the merchandise back to us. On the other hand if you are using a different courier service then email us the tracking number so that we can track the order. For the product delivery a client needs to provide all the required details like a proper address, non physical addresses are not acceptable, cell phone number to contact if any delay due to some reason rises.

Merchandises can be returned within 30 days period. After that this policy does not apply. Only the cost of the product itself is refunded excluding the courier service charges and the transaction placement charges. You will be sent an email when we receive the returned product.

Exchanged product or reimbursement is delivered to the client in around 15 days. The policy is valid for merchandises from our warehouse only. If the order is cancelled by the client, transaction placement charges will be deducted. No alterations are conceivable after one business day from the date of order placement as the product is then sent for processing. In case any query ascends email us at!