Protective Voguish Motorcycle Jacket

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Protective Voguish Motorcycle Jacket

Product Details:

  • Exterior designed from tough cow-leather coupled with textile inserts.
  • Complete with Poly Mesh facing.
  • Separable pad liner forged from polyester taffeta.
  • Detachable Protectors inserted at the back and on the shoulders to allow a tradeoff between maximum safety and lighter wear attire.
  • Equipped with small-sized connection zipper to ensure jacket is never fully open-this is a vital safety precaution for motorcyclists.
  • Purchasable in two colors-black and white.
  • Sides of the chest and side of the shoulder closest to the chest is lined for stylistic appearance.


As a motorcyclist, safety is a high priority. This black/white unisex voguish motorcycle jacket offers the best protection there is with detachable protectors lodged in the shoulder/elbow area of the jacket as well as at the back. The sturdy leather from which the jacket is fashioned is a combination of the notoriously tough cow-leather coupled with textile inserts. The waist is alterable to ensure that the dress fits perfectly-an area of key concern for motorcyclists to maintain aerodynamic physique. The jacket isn’t exactly bland-the two sets of color, black and white, coupled with the linings between part of the shoulder and sides of the chest, make the jacket a simple yet attractive item. The fine leather adds to the appeal. Notch up this fine protective wear to be sure of safety and current with style!

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