Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In what way prices can be evaluated?

A: We have a specific color-coding to facilitate the clients, allowing simple evaluation of each product’s cost. In case of any discounts or sales we put up both the actual and the discounted price that aids in calculating the benefit from sales you will be given.


Q: What gateway of payment is used at

A: The gateway of payment used at is PayPal and 2checkout. The reason, they are employed at our company’s payment policy is that they are buyer friendly, well-known across the globe and the most secure ways of payment for the convenience of our clients ensuring their wage is in safe hands.


Q: Once I have placed my transaction, is there a possibility of making any sort of alterations to that particular transaction?

A: If you wish to make alterations to your already placed order, it is acceptable for a solitary business day only. After that it would not be possible as the order is sent for processing one day after the transaction is placed. We believe-in and exercise a spry production and delivery setup.


Q: How to be sure whether the order has been placed or not?      

A: Once a transaction is placed a conformation email is sent to the buyer incorporating the following:

1. Price of the product you ought to purchase
2. Delivery charges
3. Your transaction code


Q: Is your shipping served worldwide?

A: We deliver our products in Canada, Australia, Ireland and almost every other country across the globe.  We employ only trustworthy carrier facilities like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and etcetera. For quicker national provisions we also use local postal amenities. A tracking code is given to the client within 2 business days once the transaction is completed. Our course of action is to deliver the commodities as soon as possible.


Q: Is placing orders for shopping online safe?

A: That is one of the main reasons we use PayPal  as it has SSL (secure socket layer). After receiving your order it is then decrypted and dealt with. In this way client’s privacy is safe-guarded and the transaction remains secure.


Q:When will I receive my transaction?

A: A usual transaction takes around 4-8 days to be delivered at your specified address. In case of a customized project 20-22 business days are mandatory for delivery. The client is promptly informed if the order is being held up due to any natural catastrophes or any inevitable situations.


Q: From what source of leather are the products made-up of and of what quality?

A: Premium quality leather acquired from Cow/buffalo-hides and sheep/lamb pelts, is used to construct leather apparel in our company.


Q: What quality strategy do you attain at

A: Quality has always been our chief priority and will always stay at the top. Compromising on quality is prohibited at! You will receive the best leather jackets in fashion 2013


Q: Is there any way to communicate with in case any query ascends?

A. Yes! Our customer care services are 24/7 proactive all geared-up to guide you in case you encounter any problem. You can email your query to us at and we will be obliged to help our valued clients.