Fashionable Bomber Leather Jacket

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Fashionable Bomber Leather Jacket

Product Details:

  • Excellent quality,100% Cowhide leather, very soft and shiny material
  • Textured leather jacket black in colour will look more stylish and different
  • Differently designed collar with overlapping another end and buttons
  • Front open style with zip and buttons on the collar with a crewneck shape.
  • Three pockets in front of the jacket, 2 at the waist and 1 at the chest side
  • Fitted sleeves with a zip at the end, to give a new look 
  • The jacket is lined with 100% polyester
  • Comes in all sizes, easy to carry, average weight 


Men’s fashionable bomber black leather jacket can bring high energy in your life style as it is a sign of courage and smartness. Dressing up in different outfits with this black jacket will make you feel changed. This black colour jacket will alter your personality without saying anything. It can add grace to your life and can definitely impress people from your new look and style. The jacket offers comfort, fits perfectly and looks awesome on everyone. Indeed, black is a mysterious yet elegant colour. This traditional style has been designed with a modern outlook to show that a fashionable man of the present era still embraces his roots. This is the best option available to men of all ages!

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